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Class 7th - English : Lesson 4 – A Mad Tea Party

Book Cover English Tulip Series Class 7th

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A Mad Tea Party | Prose 4 |English 7th | Tulip Series |
(Lewis Carrol)

Working with the Text

(A) Answer these questions:

Q1. How were the animals using the Dormouse?

Ans. The animals were using the Dormouse as a cushion and talking over its head.

Q2. Why did the Dormouse not object to being used as a cushion?

Ans. The Dormouse did not object because he was in fast asleep between the March Hare and Hatter.

Q3. Alice and March Hare considered each other impolite.

a) Was the March Hare impolite?

Ans. As the March Hare made fun of Alice by offering her the wine without having wine on the table, this shows that he was impolite.

b) In what way was Alice impolite?

Ans. Alice was impolite because she joined the party without being invited by, the animals.

Q4. What were the two points, which puzzled Alice in the story of the Dormouse?

Ans. The first point which puzzled Alice was that the sisters were living in the honey well, and the second point was that they were learning to draw the honey and everything that begins with an M, out of honey-well.

Q5. Why did Alice leave the party?

Ans. Alice left the party because she could not bear the rudeness of Hatter and March Hare.

(B) Say whether the following statements are True or False:

i. “I don’t see any wine,” Alice remarked. True

ii. The Dormouse slowly closed his eyes. False

iii. “You can draw water out of water-well,” said the Hatter. False

iv. Alice was disgusted. True

v. The Dormouse was being put into the teapot. True

Language Work

Find at least five Wh-questions and five Yes/No questions from the story and write them down in the space provided:


1. Why did they live at the bottom of the well?

2. What did they draw?

3. Where did they draw the honey, from?

4. What did they live on?

5. Who is making personal remarks now?

Yes/No questions

1. Do you think that you can find out the answer to it?

2. Have you guessed the riddle yet?

3. Do you need some money?

4. Are you coming to my home tomorrow?

5. Shall we go on a picnic for two days?

Grammar Work

Use the verbs in the correct form (past continuous and simple past) to make meaningful sentences.

1. Javid was waiting (wait) for me when I arrived (arrive).

2. What were (be) you doing (do) this time yesterday?

3. My friend took (take) a photograph of mine while I was looking (look) at the flowers.

4. We were in a very difficult position. We did not know (not/know) what to do.

5. I haven’t seen Geeta for ages. When I last saw (see) her, she was trying (try) to find a job in Srinagar.

6. She burned (burn) her hand when she was cooking (cook) dinner.

7. I saw (see) you in the park yesterday. You were sitting (sit) on the grass and reading a book.

8. While Rahim was working (work) in the garden, he hurt (hurt) his back.

9. When I was (be) young, I wanted (want) to be a doctor.

10. The doorbell rang (ring) while I was having (have) a bath.


  1. A good effort. Answers are concise and to the point. Some grammatical mistakes need to be rectified.

  2. Thank you for your valuable comments. Kindly comment sentences, wherever grammatical mistakes are.


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