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Class 7th - English : Lesson 6 – Fetching the Doctor

Book Cover English Tulip Series Class 7th

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Fetching the Doctor | Prose 6 |English 7th | Tulip Series |
(Hamlin Garland & Helen Trues dell Heath)

Working with the Text

Q1. The word ‘I’ has been, used repeatedly at the beginning of the lesson. Who does ‘I’ refer to?

Ans. ‘I’ in the lesson is, referred to Hamlin. Hamlin is the writer of the lesson.

Q2. Why was the mother’s face white and frightened and what did she ask Hamlin to do?

Ans. The mother’s face was white and frightened because her husband was in terrible pain. She asked Hamlin to get the doctor.

Q3. What did Hamlin do to get the doctor?

Ans. Hamlin put on his coat, rode on a mare and made his way in the dark night through mud and rain to call the doctor.

Q4. How did the doctor come?

Ans. The doctor came on a swaying carriage drawn by powerful horses.

Q5. Why did the writer feel content at the end?

Ans. The writer felt satisfied because he did a lot by bringing sweet relief to his mother and getting his father treated in time.

Language Work

I. Use the following phrases in sentences:

Put out: It was too cold so he put on his coat.

Fly off:  The boy and his horse fly off the home to get the doctor.

Call on: Hamlin call on his horse and went to the doctor.

Come to: I know he will come to his health soon.

At once: Your father is in pain, you should go to the doctor, at once.

Cry out: I was on the way to the doctor when I heard my father cry out of pain.

Take time: It will take more time to get the work completed.

To get up: I am still trying to get up the energy to reply.

Call out: The boy was in a hurry but the doctor called him out to take time.

Lay in deep sleep: The patient laid in deep sleep after getting the medicine.

Look out: The doctor looked out at the boy standing in the black night of rain.

II. Rewrite the following sentences using a word from the lesson in place of the underlined words:

1. The lantern was moving from side to side because of the strong wind.

Ans. The lantern was swaying because of the strong wind.

2. Hamlin was greatly surprised when he was awakened suddenly from sleep.

Ans. Hamlin was greatly surprised when he was roused from sleep.

3. Hamlin Chose a particular horse because it was known never to known.

Ans. Hamlin Chose a particular horse because it was brave.

4. He got employed in the army as a person carrying messages.

Ans. He got employed in the army as a messenger.

Grammar Work

Write the comparative and the superlative degrees of the following adjectives:

Positive                    Comparative                        Superlative

Lazy                           Lazier                                    Laziest

Clever                        Cleverer                                Cleverest

Dull                            Duller                                    Dullest

Useful                        More useful                         Most useful

Warm                         Warmer                                Warmest

Proud                         Prouder                                 Proudest

Merry                        Merrier                                  Merriest

Quick                         Quicker                                 Quickest

Ugly                           Uglier                                    Ugliest

Much                         More                                      Most

Fit                               Fitter                                      Fittest

Grey                           Greyer                                   Greyest

Dim                            Dimmer                                Dimmest

2. Fill in the blanks using the suitable degree of adjectives from the brackets:

1. Aabid is stronger than Junaid. (strong)

2. Your book is more interesting than mine. (interesting)

3. July is the hottest month of the year. (hot)

4. Saba is the wisest of all the girls in the school. (wise)

5. Gold is the costliest of all the metals. (costly)

6. Nirma finds English easier than Mathematics. (easy)

7. The Himalayas are the highest of all the mountains. (high)


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