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Class 7th - English : Poem 4 – The Rebel

Book Cover English Tulip Series Class 7th

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The Rebel | Poem 4 |English 7th | Tulip Series |
(D J Enright)

Reading is Fun

Q1. If someone doesn’t wear a uniform to school, what do you think the teacher will say to him?

Ans. If someone does not wear a uniform, the teacher will call him a rebel (with reference to the Poem). However, in schools, the teacher will advise him to come tomorrow by wearing your uniform.

Q2. When everyone wants a clear sky, what does the rebel want?

Ans. When everyone wants a clear sky, the rebel wants to rain.

Q3. If the rebel has a cat for a pet, what is everyone else likely to have?

Ans. If the rebel has a cat for a pet, everyone else likely, have dogs.

Q4. Why is it good to have rebels?

Ans. It is good to have rebels because they increase the importance of unimportant or ignored things or persons. They also make the people turn their heads towards them.

Q5. Why is it not good to be a rebel?

Ans. It is not good to be a rebel because a rebel disagrees with the ideas of people in authority and behaves differently. The rebel creates indiscipline.

Language Work

A. Find the words, which have been repeated in the poem.

Ans. When, rebel, everybody, short, hair, lesson, clothes, cat, book, say, good.

B. Find in the poem an antonym (a word opposite in meaning) for each of the following words.


i. Long = Short

ii. Grow = Short/Shrink

iii. Quietness = Talk/Noise

iv. Sober = Fantastic/Bright

v. Lost = Found

C. Find in the poem the lines that match the following. Read both one after the other.


i. The rebel refuses to cut his hair

When everybody has short hair.

ii. He says cats are better.

In the company of dog lovers.

iii. He recommends dogs.

In the company of dogs.

iv. He is unhappy because there is no sun.

When everybody is greeting the rain.

v. He is noisy on purpose.

When nobody talks during the lesson.

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