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Class 7th - English : Poem 7 – The Gumbie Cat

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The Gumbie Cat | Poem 7 |English 7th | Tulip Series |
(T. S. Eliot)

Reading is Fun

Q1. How is the coat of the Gumbie Cat?

Ans. The coat of the Gumbie Coat is of the tabby kind, with tiger stripes and leopard spots on it.

Q2. When does the Gumbie Cat begin her work?

Ans. The Gumbie Cat begins her work in the evening when the day’s activity is all done.

Q3. Why is the Gumbie Cat concerned about mice? What does she do with them?

Ans. The Gumbie Cat is concerned with the mice because their behaviour is not good and their manners are not nice. She lines them up on the matting teaches them music, crocheting and tatting.

Q4. Where does the Gumbie Cat like to sit?

Ans. The Gumbie Cat likes to sit on the windowsill.

Q5. Does the Gumbie Cat have any purpose in life?

Ans. Yes, the Gumbie Cat has a purpose in life as she thinks about the employment of cockroaches so that to prevent them from spoiling the food. She keeps mice busy to avoid destroyment.

Language Work

A. Pick out the rhyming words in the poem:

Ans. Mat = Cat, Done = Begun, Creep = Asleep,

Mice = Nice, Matting = Tatting, Trying = Frying,

Peas = Cheese, Employment = Destroyment

B. What are the things you like to do?

1. I like to help poor and needy people.

2. I like to draw pictures.

3. I like to honour elders.

4. I like to go to picnic spots.

5. I like to read.

C. What are the things you like to don’t like?

1. I don’t like to hurt others.

2. I don’t like watching TV for a long time.

3. I don’t like dishonour elders.

4. I don’t like cutting trees.

5. I don’t like sitting idle at home.

D. Write a short paragraph on your hobby.

Ans. Most people have a habit of sitting idle at their homes in their leisure time. I don’t like sitting idle at my home. Therefore, I have chosen a hobby of feeding different birds. In my leisure time, I look for the birds and feed by spreading grains on a ply or tin sheet. I very much enjoy this moment. This kind of work has made me kind and helpful. I like my hobby and advise others to be habitual of doing this work.

Grammar Work

E. Make Adverbs:










F. Pick out the adverbs from the poem:

Ans. Hardly, Deeply, Disorderly, Even, That, Well, Ever

G. Write down the qualities of a good student:


1. A good student is always neatly dressed.

2. A good student likes cleanliness.

3. A good student comes to school daily.

4. A good student does his homework well.

5. A good student is always honest.

6. A good student helps needy and poor.

7. A good student honours elders.

8. A good student is kind to all his schoolmates.

9. A good student keeps his surroundings clean.

10. A good student avoids bad habits.

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