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Class 8th - English : Lesson 5 - Polo – The King of Games (Shafqat Habib)

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Polo – The King of Games | Prose 5 |English 8th | Tulip Series 
(Shafqat Habib)


Q1. Why polo is called the game of kings?

Ans. Polo is called the game of kings because it was patronized by kings and was played with great joy by princes and warriors to test their courage, endurance, and power.

Q2. Where did polo originate?

Ans. Polo originated in central Asia and then eventually spread as for as Japan, China, Tibet and India.

Q3. What was the status of polo during the Mughal reign?

Ans. During the reign of Mughals, polo was the National sport of India until the end of sixteenth century. In this period polo was patronized by the kings and nobles and was widely played in the provinces of the Empire and in the courts of the Rajput Kings.

Q4. In whose reign did polo come to Ladakh and how?

Ans. According to the legends, polo came to Ladakh during the reign of Jamyang Namgyal, who married the princess of Baltistan, Gyal Khatun, in the 16th century.

Q5. How is polo played in Ladakh?

Ans. In Ladakh polo is played with great joy. It is more than a game and a part of cultural heritage. The game draws huge crowds with people donning their traditional colorful costumes. It is played as a test of human endurance skill and horse strength to play continuously.

Q6. How is polo in Ladakh different from the international format?

Ans. It is different here from the current international format in player count as well as duration. There are two teams with six players each. The game lasts for one hour with 20 minutes of break. It is played with, musical accompaniment. It is an integral part of the annual Ladakh festival.


Sum up the dialogue in a brief paragraph:

Ans. Polo is called the king of games because, in its early history, it was played by kings only. It originated in Central Asia. It is like hockey on horseback. In this game, two teams with six players each try to score against each other. The players are on horseback and strike the ball with the mallet. The game is divided into halves and the team scoring nine goals wins. It is a dangerous game because the place of the game besides the horses and the mallets make it exciting and dangerous.


Use the correct prepositions out of the given options:

1. The boy jumped across the fence quickly. (Over / across)

2. The players quarreled among themselves on the playfield. (Among/between)

3. My colleagues stood by me in my hour of grief. (With/by)

4. A dog fell into a ditch. (In / into)

5. We go to bed at 11pm. (At / in)

6. She is leaving for Delhi on 6 March. (To/for)

7. The thieves are behind the bars now. (Behind / before)

8. Urba and Saba are taking meals in plates. (In / from)

9. I cannot part from this book. (With/from)

10. He ran across the field to search the rabbit. (In/across)

Complete the following paragraph by filling in the correct prepositions:

Sri Lanka won the toss and elected to bat. They needed 232 runs to win and were hopeful for victory because they thought the score would be chased down with ease. Their top three batsmen fell at a mere 54 runs which brought the middle order in pressure. The next two batsmen scored 71 runs on 122 balls but they soon lost wickets at important moments. They were forced to lose the match by 30 runs with 6 balls remaining. Australia’s McKay finished with 5 wickets for 28 runs. Their victory against Sri Lanka has put them on the top of the rankings.

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