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Class 8th - English : Poem 3 - The Bangle-Sellers (Sarojini Naidu)

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The Bangle-Sellers | Poem 3|English 8th | Tulip Series |
(Sarojini Naidu)


Q1. Who is the speaker in the poem?

Ans. The Bangle Seller is the speaker in the poem. In the opening lines of the poem, we see that it is Bangle Seller who says, “Bangle sellers are we who bear…….Our shining loads to the temple fair”. He describes himself and his bangles throughout the whole poem.

Q2. How are the bangles described in the first stanza of the poem and who are these bangles for?

Ans. In the first stanza the bangles are described as lustrous, shining loads, rainbow-colored, delicate, and bright for happy daughters and happy wives.

Q3. The poet uses different similes for the bangles. What are these?

Ans. The similes that are used in the poem are; Mountain mist, newborn leaves, sunlit corn and flame of fire.

Q4. Name the different colours of bangles mentioned in the poem? What do these colours represent?

Ans. Silver and blue, rainbow coloured, sunlit corn colour, purple, gold-flecked grey are some colours used for bangles in the poem. These colours represent the bangles suitable for the different age groups of women.

Q5. The word ‘some’ has been repeated in the poem for a purpose. What is it?

Ans. The word ‘some’ represents the different types of bangles in the poem.

Q6. Explain the following lines:

            “Some are made for a maiden’s wrist,

            Silver and blue as the mountain mist”

Ans. These lines have been taken from the second stanza of the poem “The Bangle Seller” written by Sarojni Naidu. In these lines, the narrator says that some bangles are made for the wrists of unmarried women with the silver and blue colors just like the mist of the mountains.


I. Read the poem once again and fill in the blanks as in the poem:

Bangle seller, sunlit corn, flecked grey, rainbow-tinted

Ans.1. Bangles are said to be as rainbow-tinted circles of light.

2. Some are like fields of sunlit corn.

3. Some bangles are purple and gold-flecked grey.

4. People buy these bangles from the bangle seller.

II. The poet has used several expressions that form pictures in the reader's mind i.e., “fields of sunlit corn” and “circles of light”. Pick out more such expressions from the poem.

Ans. Limpid glory and flame of her marriage fire are some expressions used in the poem.

III. Use the clues to complete the word pyramid:


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