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Class 8th - English : Poem 4 - Prayer for Strength (R. N. Tagore)

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Prayer for Strength | Poem 4|English 8th | Tulip Series |
(R. N. Tagore)


Q1. Why does the poet want God to strike at his heart?

Ans. The poet prays to God to strike at his heart so that he could bear the joys and sorrows of poverty and he also pray to God to remove hard-heartedness and fill up his heart with love and passion.

Q2. What does the poet want the strength for?

Ans. The poet wants strength to bear his joys and sorrows to make his love fruitful in service, never to disown poor and never to bend before rude people.

Q3. How can love be made meaningful in one’s life?

Ans. If you love someone and your love changes the life of your beloved in a fruitful way with sweet and nice results then you have made your love meaningful in one’s life.

Q4. What should be our attitude towards the poor?

Ans. We should never disown poor; we should always help and love them.

Q5. What does ‘bend my knees’ signify?

Ans. ‘Bend my knees’ in the poem signifies to resist or oppose disrespectful power and not to bend before them.

Q6. Why does the poet want to raise his mind high above ‘daily trifles’?

Ans. The poet wants to raise his mind high above “daily trifles” because he wants to overcome the thinking about the things of little value and think about the great things that may be beneficial for the people.

Q7. Why does the poet ask for strength to surrender his will to God’s will?

Ans. The poet wants strength to surrender his will before God’s will because he knew that there is no power that can resist Almighty. By surrendering his will to God’s will his heart will get purified and he will get love from God and will lead a good life.


1. Give me the strength never to disown the poor;

Make the words beginning with prefix ‘Dis-’ which makes a negative word.

Ans. Some words with prefix ‘dis-’ are:

1. Disgrace, 2. Discontinue 3. Disconnect 4. Dislike 5. Dishonest,  6. Disable 7. Discharge, 8. Disagree 9. Disrespect 10. Disown

2. Find the repeated words in the poem and write them in your notebook;

Ans. Words repeated in the poem; 1. Strike 2. Give me 3. Strength

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