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Class 8th - English : Prose - Lesson 4 - For God’s Sake, Hold Thy Tongue (Abridged & Edited)

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For God’s Sake, Hold Thy Tongue | Prose 4 |English 8th | Tulip Series |
(Abridged & Edited)


Q1. What do the Qur'an and the traditions of the Prophet (PBUH) tell us on backbiting and scandal-mongering?

Ans. Our sacred holy Qur'an condemns Scandal mongering and backbiting in strongest terms. In Sahi Muslim, our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) says that a person who indulges in backbiting is a man who has eaten the flesh of his elder brother.

Q2. What do the Gita and the Bible tell us on backbiting?

Ans. All religions criticize backbiting. Gita says that a person who is free from backbiting is pure and free from fear, and the person who has a habit of backbiting is a sinner and is born to demoniac endowments.

Bible says that we all make errors in many ways and a person who does not make an error is a perfect man and he can curb his whole body on his will.

Q3. What do the Granth Sahib and Lord Buddha tell us on backbiting?

Ans. Granth Sahib says that a backbiter carries the great burden of sins, and he carries loads without any payment.

Lord Buddha in his eightfold path says that one requires living a life based on the right speech.

Q4. Why did the servant of Rabbi Simeon bring tongues both the times?

Ans. Rabbi Simeon’s servant brings tongues both the times because it is only the tongue that issues the good and the bad, also there is nothing better than a good tongue and nothing worse than an evil one.

Q5. Why did Rabbi Simeon invite his disciples for a meal?

Ans. Rabbi Simeon invited his disciples for a meal to tell them about the advantages of a soft tongue. He conveyed a message to them that only use a soft tongue in their conversation with another because the soft tongue spreads sweetness.

Q6. What according to you is the moral of the lesson?

Ans. Vice offends the moral standards of the community, and scandal-mongering and backbiting are vices, we should always refrain from this so that to be pure in front of our Almighty Allah.

Q7. How does our tongue do good or bad to others?

Ans. A good tongue pleases people and makes them happy, and a bad tongue offends them and hurts them, which is a great sin in all religions.


Add the correct ending to each of the following words and say what each person does or is connected with:

1. Govern        governor                      one who governs.

2. Cater           caterer                         one who provides food or drink for a social or business function.

3. Translate      translator                     one translates text from one language to another.

4. Novel          novelist                        one who writes novels.

5. Tour             tourist                          one who undertakes a journey to see a place.

6. Politics        politician                     one who takes part in political activities.

7. Decorate      decorator                     one who decorates houses.

8. Art               artist                            one who has a skill of painting etc.

9. Economics   economist                    one who deals with the economy.

10. Drama       dramatist                     one makes dramas and plays.

11. Cricket      cricketer                      one who plays cricket.

12. Engine       engineer                       one who has studied engineering.

13. History      historian                      one who writes history.

14. Mountain   mountaineer                one who climbs mountains.

15. Donate      donator                        one who donates.

16. Grammar   grammarian                 one who knows the rules of grammar.

17. Auction     auctioneer                    one who checks accounts in offices.

18. Science      scientist                       one who has practical knowledge of science.

19. Teach         teacher                         one who teaches in a classroom.

20. Electricity electrician                    one who has knowledge of electricity.

21. Physics      physician                     one who has knowledge of physics.

22. Write         writer                           one who writes.

23. Speak        speaker                        one who makes a speech.

24. Win           winner                         one who wins.

25. Mathematics          mathematician             one who knows mathematics.


Complete each sentence with an adverb. The first letters of each adverb are given.

1. We didn’t go out because it was raining heavily.

2. Our team lost the game because we played badly.

3. I had little difficulty finding a place to live. I found a flat easily.

4. We had to wait for a long time, but we didn’t complain. We waited patiently.

5. Nobody knew Atif was coming to see us. He arrived unexpectedly.

6. Zeeshan keeps fit by playing tennis regularly.

7. I don’t speak Punjabi very well, but I can understand it perfectly if spoken slowly and clearly.

Put in the correct word.

1. Two people are seriously injured in the accident. (Serious / seriously)

2. The driver of the car had serious injuries. (Serious / seriously)

3. I think you behaved very selfishly. (Selfish / selfishly)

4. Razia is terribly upset about losing her job. (Terrible / terribly)

5. There was a sudden change in the weather. (Sudden / suddenly)

6. Everybody at the marriage party was colourfully dressed. (Colourful / colourfully)

7. Aslam speaks English fluently. (Fluent / fluently)

8. Ved Sir fell and hurt himself quite badly. (Bad / badly)

9. Hafeez didn’t do well at school because he was taught badly. (Bad / badly)

10. Don’t go up that ladder. It doesn't look safe. (Safe / safely)

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