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Class 8th - English : Short Stories - Lesson 1 - The Unthankful Man (From Panchtantra)

Book Cover Class 8th English -Tulip Sereis

The Unthankful Man | Story 1|English 8th | Tulip Series |

(From Panchtantra)


Q1. What was Raman’s Wife fed up with?

Ans. Raman’s wife was fed up with the poverty of her husband as they had to remain hungry for most of the days.

Q2. What did Raman see when he peeped into the well?

Ans. When Raman peeped into the well he saw a tiger, a snake, a monkey, and a man, fallen in the well.

Q3. Why was Raman scared of the snake?

Ans. Raman was scared of the snake because he thought if he would pull the snake out, it would bite him and he will die.

Q4. What did the monkey do when Raman was hungry?

Ans. The monkey brought sweet juicy mangoes for Raman to satisfy his hunger.

Q5. What did the tiger give him?

Ans. The tiger gave Raman the necklace. He had got this necklace after saving the life of a Prince.

Q6. What did the goldsmith do when Raman showed him the necklace?

Ans. When goldsmith saw the necklace, he quietly went to the king to show him the necklace of the missing prince. He told the king that the Raman had killed the prince and snatched the necklace from him. The king ordered to put Raman in the cell.

Q7. How did Raman cure the queen?

Ans. Raman was already trained by the snake. So he did what he was told by the snake. He kept his hand on the forehead of the queen and she soon got well.

Q8. Why did the king send the goldsmith to jail?

Ans. The goldsmith was an ungrateful man. He deceived Raman even after he saved his life. When the King listened, the story of Raman and thanklessness of the goldsmith, he ordered to send the goldsmith to jail.


A. Who said the following and to whom?

a. “Why don’t you go to the nearby town and seek some job?”

Ans.  Raman’s wife to Raman.

b. “I live in Varanasi and I am goldsmith by profession.”

Ans. Goldsmith to Raman.

c. “Once I saved a prince’s life. In return, he gave this necklace.”

Ans. Tiger to Raman.

d. “You have killed our prince and stolen his necklace.”

Ans. King to Raman.

e. “How did you land up in the prison?”

Ans. King to Raman.

f. “Go home and live happily.”

Ans. King to Raman.

B. Make sentences using the following phrasal verbs:

Fed up with,  Pass-through,  Help out,  Pull out,  Callout,  Slither away,  Wait for,  lock up,  wake up,  land up in,  peep into,  take to,  slip into

1. Raman’s wife was fed up with poverty.

2. In order to reach home he had to pass through the forest.

3. The tiger requested Raman to help him out of the well.

4. Raman pulled the tiger out of the well.

5. Rashid called out Hafeez at his home.

6. The snake after thanking him for his help slithered away.

7. When the match was over, all the players wait for each other to go home.

8. There was a lockout strike of employees yesterday.

9. I was sleeping and was waked up by the sudden noise in the street.

10. The king enquired Raman how he was land up in the prison.

11. It was raining when I peeped into the garden.

12. The culprit was locked up in the prison.

13. The murderer was taken to the court for the sentence.

15. I quietly slipped into my room when I reached late to my home.


Change the narration:

1. “Let us push on a little further,” said Shabir.

Ans. Shabir said that they might push on a little further.

2. He said to me, “Let us wait for our friend.”

Ans. He proposed to me that we should for our friend.

3. Mubashir said, “Abuji, let us go to the Nishat Bagh.”

Ans. Mubashir proposed to Abuji that they should go to the Nishat Bagh.

4. The boy said to the teacher, “Let me take my seat, Sir.”

Ans. The boy (Obediently or with honour) told the teacher that he should take his seat.

5. Rashid said to Hamid, “Let me have a cup of tea.”

Ans. Rashid told Hamid that they should have a cup of tea.

6. He said, “Let him run fast, he cannot catch the train.”

Ans. He said that he might run fast, he cannot catch the train.   Or

 He assumed that it is useless for him to run fast to catch the train.

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