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Class 8th - English : Short Stories - Lesson 3 - Colours of Rainbow (Chanchal Sharma)

Book Cover Class 8th English -Tulip Sereis

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Colours of Rainbow | Story 3|English 8th | Tulip Series |

(Chanchal Sharma)


(A) Answer the following questions:

Q1. What did the narrator observe when he looked out?

Ans. When the narrator looked out, he observed a drop of water falling down on the chili plant and the pleasant beauty of nature after rainfall.

Q2. Why was the narrator unable to pay attention to what his daughter was saying?

Ans. The narrator was unable to pay attention to his daughter because all his attention was centered on his own thoughts and the beauties of nature. He was lost in the thoughts of his childhood days.

Q3. Why did the narrator, have a tiff with his wife?

Ans. The tiff or argument or quarrel between the narrator and his wife was due to their misunderstanding and mainly of the increasing expenses, growing kids, and feeding them on the same limited salary. This poverty created the tension between the two that resulted, a slight quarrel between them.

Q4. What did the narrator find when he returned home late at night?

Ans. When the narrator returned home late at night, he saw the kids had gone to their beds. His wife was waiting for him for dinner.

Q5. Why did the narrator not have an appetite?

Ans. The narrator did not have an appetite because he had already had his meals outside.

(B) The following phrases, phrasal verbs, and idioms occur in the text. Find the sentences in which they occur.


Burst into laughter     When she released my finger and told that the kids will be awakened we both burst into laughter

Close by                      She, herself seated close by me and began fanning me with a hand fan.

Looked at                    I dipped the morsel in the vegetable curry and looked at her.

Cope with                    if you find it difficult to cope up with me, you can leave me then.

Wan and weak                        she is looking wan and weak by her face as she has not eaten since morning.

All by herself              when I returned home my wife was sitting all by herself in my room.

Feel homesick             I spent all my day with my friends feel homesick now.

Grown-up                    you should not quarrel with each other because you are grown up now.

In a huff                      she made me angry and I got up in a huff and went outside.

Lost sight of                I was watching some strange stars when she called me and I lost the sight of these stars.

Get up                         I get up early in the morning and go on working till night.

Got fed up with           you must have got fed up with me but I am less fed up with you.

Picked up                    the sun had gone beyond the clouds and the wind had picked up the speed.

Hard-up                      Some days passed comfortably but most of the time we were hard up.

(C) There are many Hindi words used in the story. List those Hindi words and write them in the space provided:

Ans. Gudda, Guddi, Thali, Papaji, Buddhi Prakash, Chapatti


1. Join the jumbled binomials using similarities in sound with ‘and’:

Prime and proper,     All and sundry,    High and dry,   Safe and sound,  Rough and tough,    Bread and Butter

2. Look for the matching words that are either near-synonyms or antonyms:


Law and order,    Now and then,    Hit and trial,    Clean and tidy,   Pick and choose,   Leaps and bounds

3. Correct the following binomials by filling blanks between them:

Ans. 1. Sooner or later,    2. All for nothing,   3. Back to front,    4. Sink or swim,    5. Slowly but surely,    6. Make or break

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