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Gulliver In Lilliput - II - Class 9th - English - Lesson 2

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Gulliver In Lilliput – II | Prose 2 | English | Tulip Series | Class 9th |

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Lesson 2 – Gulliver In Lilliput – II (Jonathan Swift)

(Gulliver Capture Fleet – I)


Thinking about the Text

Q1. Where was Blefuscu situated and what separated it from Lilliput?

Ans. Blefuscu was an island situated to the north-east of Lilliput. It was separated by a channel about 800 meter wide.

Q2. Why did Gulliver avoid appearing on the north-east coast of Lilliput?

Ans. Gulliver avoided appearing on the north-east coast so that some enemy should see him, as the enemies had no news of him.

Q3. How deep was the channel? What were the devices with which Gulliver armed himself?

Ans. The channel was about five feet deep in most of the places and nowhere more than six. Gulliver armed himself with fifty strong cords and fifty hooks of iron.

Q4. Why did Gulliver seek the advice of the most experienced sailor?

Ans. Gulliver was not aware about the depth of channel, so he got advice from most experienced sailor of Lilliput so that he could capture all the warships at once, as per his framed plan.

Q5. What did the Blefuscan soldiers do while Gulliver was fastening hooks to the warships?

Ans. While Gulliver was fastening hooks to the warships, the men of Blefuscu shot several thousand arrows at him, which gave him a sharp pain.

Q6. What did Gulliver do to save his eyes?

Ans. Gulliver quickly took out his eye-glasses and put them on, to save his eyes from the arrows.

Q7. Why did the ships not move when Gulliver pulled them?

Ans. Ships did not move when Gulliver tried to pull them because they were all held fast by their anchors.

Q8. What did Gulliver do to relieve the pain caused by the arrows?

Ans. Gulliver rubbed on an ointment that the Lilliputians had given him, to relieve the pain caused by arrows.

Q9. What did the Emperor and his court think on seeing the fleet at a distance?

Ans. When the Emperor and his court saw the fleet at a distance, they thought that Gulliver had been drowned and that the enemy fleet was advancing towards them for battle.

Q10. How did Gulliver show his loyalty to the Emperor?

Ans. Gulliver held up his hand from the water and cried in a loud ‘Voice’, “Long live the mightiest Emperor of Lilliput!”. In this way he showed he showed his loyalty to the Emperor.

Q11. How did the Emperor reward him for his services?

Ans. The Emperor received him with honour and made him a great lord on the spot.

Language Work

(a) Find from the lesson words which mean the following.

(Section I, para. 1)

1. (an adjective meaning) placed (in a certain position): Situated

2. divide; keep apart: Separated

(Section I, para. 2)

1. make out; make out from other things: Made

2. a thick strong rope: Cord or Cable

3. fix; tie: Fasten

(Section I, para. 3)

1. To the shore: Ashore

(Section II, para. 3)

1. a substance used on the skin to relieve pain etc.: Ointment

2. make (pain etc.) less; free somebody from worry: Relieve

(b) Find the verbs from which the following nouns have been formed.

Intention: Intend

Engagement: Engage

Situation: Situate

Relief: Relive

Distinction: Distinguish

Advancement: Advance

Beginning: Begin

Knitting: Knit

Transportation: Transport

(c) Use the following phrases in your own sentences

leave alone: Gulliver was left alone in the prison after ship-wreck.

let go: Gulliver let the ships go as they were held with anchors.

on the spot: He was on the spot when the bus fell in the river.

in case of: In case of him, he was not involved in any bad activity.

look up: You should look up new words in the dictionary.

give up: He was suffering with severe cough, so the doctor advised him to give up smoking.

give in: After withstanding hours begging, the principal gave in and allowed the to go for excursion.

give way: The channel gave way to other region of the country.

give away: She gave away her husband who had beaten her at home.

help out: He helped him out of the tensions, he had faces after his grand-mother’s death.

at least: It took, at least one day, to complete this lesson.

be situated in a place: Blefuscu was situated in a place separated by a channel.

distinguish from: His immodesty distinguishes him from his friends.

(d) Punctuate the following.

1. while they stood amazed at the sight Ariel said to Antonio and the king you are two men   guilty before god and man think of your evil deeds

2. O, wonder said Miranda when she saw so many people together how many wonderful people are there here how beautiful mankind is

Ans. 1. While they stood amazed at the sight, Ariel said to the Antonio and the King, “You are two men guilty before God and men, think of your all deeds.”

2. “O wonder!” said Miranda, when she saw so many wonderful people are there here. “How beautiful mankind is!”

Writing Work

·     Give a brief account of how Gulliver captured the Blefuscan fleet?

‘Gulliver in Lilliput’ has been taken from Jonathan Swift’s satire ‘Gulliver’s Travels’. Blefuscu was separated from Lilliput, by a channel.

Gulliver learned from an expert that the channel was five feet deep and nowhere more than six. So, he framed a plan to capture all the warships at once. He made fifty hooks and fifty strong cords. Armed with these, he tied the hooks with the ships and began to pull them but none of them moved, as they were held with fast anchors. He then cut the cables, and drove all the ships with him towards Lilliputian side. This is, how Gulliver captures the Blefuscu fleet. 

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