Saturday, February 16, 2019

My Favourite Person

My Favourite Person
                 The world is full of population. There may be many persons with great thoughts and kindness. But one cannot understand a person, who is not close to one. It is, well said, ‘a person is known by the company he keeps.’ This may be true on its part. But I know the person, that is very close to me, at least six hours in a day. This person no one other than My Favourite Teacher.   

Teaching is a noble profession, so a teacher should be a noble person. My teacher is a noble person from a noble family. His living style is simple. He offers five times of Namaz. He wears a neat and clean dress which are, always perfumed with an attractive smell. He has a smiling face and always talks gently with others. I cannot describe his personality in a few lines. He is really a person of a good personality. He is a real hero and will always be, remembered.

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