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Sheikh Noor-ud-Din Wali - Class 9th - English - Lesson 4 - Tulip Series

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Sheikh Noor-ud-Din Wali RA | Prose 4| English | Tulip Series | Class 9th |

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Lesson 4 – Sheikh Noor-ud-Din Wali RA (Prof. G. R. Malik)

Prof Ghulam Rasool MalikProf.  Ghulam Rasool Malik, born in 1945, is a professor of English. Under a post-doctoral Commonwealth fellowship, he studied at the University of Cambridge, UK, in 1987-88. His areas of specialization are British English poetry and comparative literature. Prof Malik’s publications are; Iqbal and the English Romantics (1988), Rasul Mir.

(Sahitya Akademi, 1990), The Bloody Horizon: A study of Iqbal’s response to the West (1991), Romantic Criticism (IGNOU, 1999) and the Urdu book Surood-I-Sahr-Afarin (1993). His articles and book reviews have appeared in The Charles Lamb Bulletin, UK, Muslim World Book Review, UK, Radiance, New Delhi, and English Studies in India. Srinagar.

Thinking About the Text

Q1. Why did Sheikh Noor-ud-Din Wali enter the cave?

Ans. Sheik Noor-ud-Din Wali RA entered the cave for penance and purifying, his self. It was the period of spiritual training and preparation, for him.

Q2. What made people flock to the Shiekh?

Ans. People flocked near Sheikh Noor-ud-Din Wali RA to seek his divine blessings. He taught them how to pray to Almighty Allah and how to live a simple life.

Q3. What does Sheikh-ul-Alam mean?

Ans. Sheikh-ul-Alam RA means the spiritual guide of the world or a saint of world stature.

Q4. What kind of life did Sheikh-ul- Alam lead?

Ans. Sheikh-ul-Alam RA lived a saintly life. He devoted most of his time in preaching his simple gospel of the fear of Almighty Allah and accountability before Him after death, He lived a righteous and pious life.

Q5. What did Sheikh ul Alam teach to the people?

Ans. Sheikh-ul-Alam RA taught people the principles of truth, justice, love, and service of humankind. He made people aware of accountability before Almighty Allah after death. He taught that a true saint is not one who escapes from life but one who does the duties of life honestly.

Language Work

Vegetarianism is the practice of eating foods from the plant kingdom. There are several types of vegetarians. Semi-vegetarians avoid meat but eat poultry and other animal foods. Lacto- Ovo-vegetarians avoid poultry and fish as well as meat but do include milk and eggs in their diets. Some vegetarians practice veganism, eating no animal foods at all. More recently, people have adopted vegetarian diets based on scientific studies showing that diets high in fatty animal foods may contribute to the early development of the disease, including obesity, coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, and colorectal cancer. Doctors suggest that one should reduce the intake of animal fats, such as those found in meat and dairy products, and increase the consumption of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. The vegetarian plant-based diet typically has the advantage of being low in saturated fat, cholesterol, and salt, but it can be lacking in other ways. Vegetarians need to plan their diets with special care in order to obtain the essential nutrients received from diets that include meat, fish, and poultry. Vegetarians need to eat other foods, such as fortified grains and cereals, that provide necessary nutrients like iron, zinc, vitamin D, and some B vitamins like B12 and B6. Vegetarians who avoid milk products must find alternatives that are high in calcium and vitamin D, such as fortified soy milk. Lacto-ovo-vegetarians can use eggs, milk, nuts, peanut butter, dry beans, peas, and lentils in place of choices from the meat group.

Fill in the Blanks

Lacto-ovo- Vegetarians can consume____________ products.

Diet high in fatty animal food causes _____________________________.

Vegetarians who avoid milk products must take diet rich in ___________ and___________.

Grains and Cereals are rich in ___________________________________.

Eating no animal food at all is called________________________.


Lacto-ovo- Vegetarians can consume eggs and milk products.

Diet high in fatty animal food causes early development disease, like obesity, high blood pressure, CRC, etc.

Vegetarians who avoid milk products must take a diet rich in fortified grains and cereals.

Grains and Cereals are rich in iron, zinc, vitamin D, and B complex.

Eating no animal food at all is called veganism.


Pick out the words from the lesson that begins with P and order them as you find them in the dictionary.

Ans. Do it yourself. Just pick the words that begin with the letter ‘p’, such as, ‘people’, etc. Remember to order them in the dictionary form.

Writing Work

What moral lesson did you learn from the life of Sheikh-ul-Alam?

          “Sheikh-ul-AlamRA”, Sheik Noor-ud-Din Wali RA is one of the most popular saint (wali), among other popular saints (Auliya) in Kashmir. He was born in 1377 AD at Koimoh Kulgam. He played the most leading role in spreading Islam in Kashmir. Sheik Noor-ud-Din WaliRA, lived a simple saintly life. To purify himself spiritually, he spent twelve years in a cave. We learned honesty, purity, simplicity, kindness sympathy, humbleness from his teachings. He taught us the way of truth and justice and service to humankind. His life is an example of peace and property towards resurrection.

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