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Government in the State - Chapter 6 - Class 7th - Civics

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Social and Political Life – Jammu and Kashmir

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Chapter 6: Government in the State

Q1. Answer the following questions:

(i). Describe the composition of State Legislature.

Ans. The state legislature is either one house i.e., Legislative Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) or of two houses i.e., Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council (Vidhan Parishad). The Legislative Assembly should consist of more than 500 members. Our State (Jammu & Kashmir) has 114 members and it is bicameral legislative. The Legislative Council has 36 members.

(ii). How is Governor of State appointed?

Ans. Only President has the powers to appoint the Governor of the State, so the Governor is appointed by the President of the country on the advice of the Prime Minister.

(iii). Name two occasions when the Governor addresses the state legislature.

Ans. Governor addresses the state legislature on the first session after the general election and on the first session of every year.

(iv). How is the Council of Ministers appointed?

Ans. Council of Ministers are appointed by the Governor on the advice of the Chief Minister.

(v). What are the powers of the Governor?

Ans. The Governor has the power to appoint the leader of the majority party as a Chief Minister. He/she has the power to address the State Legislature. He/she has a power to summon and dissolve the Legislature Assembly on the recommendation of Chief Minister. He/she has the power to pass the bill. He/she has the power to grant the pardon under state law and reduce the punishment.

(vi). Give two functions of Chief Minister?

Ans. 1. The Chief Minister supervises the work of the entire Council of Ministers.

2. He/she can exclude and include anybody in the Council of Ministers.

(vii). Who heads the administration of the union territory?

Ans. The administration of the union territory is headed by the Chief Minister.

(viii). What type of legislature do we have in our state (Jammu & Kashmir)?

Ans. Our state has a bicameral type of legislature. It has Legislative Assembly having 114 members and Legislative Council having, 36 members.

Q2. Fill in the blanks:


(i). The Governor can dissolve the Legislative Assembly on the recommendation of the Chief Minister.

(ii). A proposal in the form of, money bill can be introduced in the Legislative Assembly only.

(iii). The bill becomes a law in a state after getting the signature of the Governor.

(iv). The resignation of the Chief Minister automatically results in the dissolution of State Assembly.

(v). The governor can use discretionary power in appointing the Chief Minister.

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