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We and Our Government - Chapter 1 - Class 7th - Civics

Book Cover Civics Class 7th

Political Science – Jammu and Kashmir

We and Our Government | Civics 7th | jandkncert |

Chapter 1: We and Our Government

Q1. Answer the following questions:

(i) Why do people live in society?
Ans. People live in society to share joys and sorrows, to fulfill basic needs like food and shelter, to develop their culture, to keep themselves safe from external danger and to make their work easy by helping each other.

(ii) What is your role in society?
Ans. Our role in society is to work for the benefit and welfare of the whole society. We should work for its positive development.
(iii) In which society you want to live?
Ans. I want to live in an educated, civilized, and developed society.
(iv) What is the purpose of government in society?
Ans. The purpose of government is to make laws, enforce them, and decide matters according to them. It also works for the welfare of society and brings reforms in society.
(v) What are the various forms of government?
Ans. Democracy, dictatorship, and monarchy are the various forms of government.
(vi). What type of government is in India?
Ans. India has a democratic type of government.
Q2. Fill in the blanks:
(i) A society is a group of people living in a place in a country.
(ii) A government is responsible for the overall welfare of society.
(iii) Family is the key element of your society.
(iv) Democracy is the most popular form of government.
(v) Sub-types of democracy are Ancient democracy, direct democracy, liberal democracy, and representative democracy.

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