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Granny’s Fabulous Kitchen: English-6th-Story 4-Tulip Series

Book Cover English Tulip Series Class 6th

Granny’s Fabulous Kitchen | English - 6th | Short Story 4 | Tulip Series |

Short Stories:

Lesson 4: Granny’s Fabulous Kitchen

(Ruskin Bond)

I. Answer these questions:
Q1. Granny would send some fudge to Mohan. Why wouldn’t she send meat?
Ans. Granny would send some fudge to Mohan instead of meat because in his house no one ate meat. Mohan was a vegetarian. Moreover, he liked sweets.
Q2. Besides Rusty and Mohan who was fond of Granny’s fudge?
Ans. Besides Rusty and Mohan, squirrels were fond of granny’s fudge. They would even explore Rusty’s pockets to see if he had kept anything for him.
Q3. You can’t climb a papaya tree. Why? How can you bring the papayas down?
Ans. We cannot climb the papaya tree because it is wobbly and slender but we can knock the papayas down with a long pole, and catch them before they the earth.
Q4. What would Granny do to earn money? Who helped her in her trade?
Ans. Granny was famous for her pickles. She could make any kind of pickles. She had a little income from mango crop and her small pension. But that was not for her. She would sell pickles to earn more money. Mohan and Rusty helped her in her trade.
Q5. What would Granny buy with the money that Rusty and Mohan earned for her? Who took a good share of the meal in Granny’s kitchen?
Ans. Granny would buy a turkey for Christmas. Uncle Ken took a good share of the meal in Granny’s kitchen.
Q6. What were Major Clarke’s views about Granny and her pickles?
Ans. About Granny and her pickles, Major Clarke said that she was God’s gift to a world that was terribly short of cooks and no one could make sweet pickles like her.
Q7. What advice did Granny give to Uncle Ken? What did he say in reply?
Ans. Granny advised Uncle Ken that it was high time to find a job. She also told him that he could go to his sister who was headmistress of a school in Lucknow and she could make him the in-charge of the dormitory. Uncle Ken replied that there were no jobs in Dehra, and moreover, how could she expect him to look after forty or fifty crazy boys.
Q8. Why did Rusty lie about Miss Leslie? Why did he mention Mr Houghton?
Ans. Rusty knew Uncle Ken was fond of Miss Leslie, so he lied, to stop him from clipping his ears. Rusty mentioned Mr. Houghton to inform Uncle Ken that she did not like him anymore, because they were going for a picture together the next day.
II. Say whether the statements are true or false. Write T or F in the boxes.
1. Granny was an expert in making English sweets. True
2. Mohan worked in Granny’s kitchen. True
3. Uncle Ken liked Granny’s pickles. False
4. Mohan and Rusty always sold Granny’s pickles in the market. False
5. Granny bought her house after the death of her husband. False
6. Rusty’s grandfather was an employee in the Railways. True
7. Major Clarke bought four bottles of a pickle. Flase
8. Dr Dutt found lime pickle good for the liver. True
9. Miss Leslie is the wife of Uncle Ken. False
10. Miss Leslie had really bought chutney from Rusty. Flase
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I. Guess the meanings of the underlined words in the following sentences. These meanings will be different from the ones you have learned in the story.
1. There was a knock at the door and we were all frightened.
Ans. Afraid
2. This library houses hundreds of old manuscripts.
Ans. Contains, have
3. She’s been really, down since her husband died.
Ans. Miserable, poor
4. Return the jacket. It’s not made of a good stuff.
Ans. Material
5. He was charged with stealing a pair of trousers.
Ans. Fined, accused of
II. Match words in Column A with their opposites in Column B.
Hard ----------à Soft
Sell ----------à Buy
Small ----------à Big
Sweet ----------à Sour
Front ----------à Back
Live ----------à Die
Poor ----------à Rich
III. Many fruits and vegetables are mentioned in the story. Write them in your notebook. With a partner discuss whether any or all of them are found in your place.


I. Study the underlined words in the following:
– The papayas were in season during winter.
– Green mangoes pickled in oil were always popular. So was her hot lime pickle.
‘Were’ and ‘was’ are, verbs which have been used with plural and singular subjects, respectively – ‘The papayas’ is plural and ‘hot lime pickle’ is singular.
It is important that the subject and verb should agree with each other in a sentence.
Study these examples also:
– Dogs bark. ~ A dog barks.
– Children are playing ~ The child is weeping.
– Teachers have come ~ The teacher has gone to her class.
Now look at the following pictures and write how many of them there are. Use: “There is a...” or, “There are...” in the picture.

II. Use contracted forms for the underlined expressions in the following sentences:
1. Rusty was not ashamed of selling Granny’s pickles.
Ans. Rusty wasn’t ashamed of selling Granny’s pickles.
2. Uncle Ken did not care for pickles.
Ans. Uncle Ken didn’t care for pickles.
3. No, sir, they are my grandmother’s.
Ans. No, sir, they’re my grandmother’s.
4. I have said it before and I will say it again.
Ans. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.
5. It is high time you found a job.
Ans. It’s high time you found a job.
6. What is demented?
Ans. What’s demented?
7. We have a crazy dog and now Uncle Ken is crazy too.
Ans. We’ve a crazy dog and now Uncle Ken is crazy too.
8. I do not know who killed the bird. It is really, bad.
Ans. I don’t know who killed the bird. It’s really, bad.
9. She will be with us for the whole month.
Ans. She’ll be with us for the whole month.

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