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The Shepherd’s Treasure: English-6th-Story 3-Tulip Series

Book Cover English Tulip Series Class 6th

The Shepherd’s Treasure: English - 6th - Short Story 3-Tulip Series

Short Stories:

Lesson 3: The Shepherd’s Treasure
(An Iranian Folktale)


Q1. The shepherd hadn’t been to school because
(i) he was very poor.
(ii) there were very few schools in those days.
(iii) he wasn’t interested in studies.
Choose the right answer.
Ans. (ii) There were very few schools in those days.
Q2. Who visited the shepherd one day, and why?
Ans. One day, the king of the country visited the shepherd to test his wisdom.
Q3. Why did the other governors grow jealous of the shepherd?
Ans. The other governors grew jealous because his fame as a wise governor in the country.
Q4. Why was the new governor called to the palace?
Ans. The new governor was called to the palace because the king had received many complaints against him.

Q5. Why was everyone delighted to see the iron chest on the camel’s back?
Ans. Everyone was delighted to see the iron chest on the camels back because the complaints against the new governor about the chest came true.
Q6. (i) What did the iron chest contain?
Ans. The iron chest contained an ordinary and old blanket.
(ii) Why did the shepherd always carry it?
Ans. The shepherd always carried it with him because it was his only treasure and oldest friend and it would also protect him, if at any time, the king should wish to take away his new cloaks.
(iii) Is it an example of the shepherd’s humility or wisdom or both?
Ans. This is an example of both humility and wisdom of shepherd.
Q7. How did the king reward the new governor?
Ans. As reward to the new governor, the king made him the governor of a much bigger district.
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Make sentences with the following words:
Treasure: This old blanket is my only treasure.
Compliment: Admiring and sharing my lessons is a big compliment for me.
Mock: They continue to mock the idea of new leader to the class.
Terrible: There was a terrible accident on the road.
Thunder: It rained thunder and lighting all the night yesterday.
Write the opposite of the following words:
Kind: Unkind
Wise: Fool
King: Slave
Honest: Dishonest
Humble: Arrogant
Smile: Grimace
Reply: Ask, inquire
Delight: Displease
Sorrow: Gaiety
Educated: Uneducated

Change the narration:
1. The teacher says, “The sun rises in the east.”
Ans. The teacher says that the sunrises in the east.
2. The teacher said, “The earth revolves around the sun.”
Ans. The teacher said that the earth revolves around the sun.
3. My Mother said, “Hard work always pays.”
Ans. My mother said that hard work always pays.
4. Shabir said, “I am going home on Saturday.”
Ans. Shabir said that he was going home Saturday.
5. The shopkeeper said, “What can I do for you gentleman?”
Ans. The shopkeeper asked the gentleman what he could do for him.
6. The old man asked, “How much will you give me for this watch?”
Ans. The old man asked me how much I would give him for that watch.
(The old man asked how much he would give him for that watch.)
7. Ray said, “Have you come to pick up a clock or watch?”
Ans. Ray inquired whether he had come to pick up a clock or watch.
(Ray asked if I had come to pick up clock or watch.)
8. The teacher said to the student, “May I help you solve the problem?”
Ans. The teacher asked the student if he might help him solve the problem.
9. Ravi said, “Shabir, let’s play.”
Ans. Ravi suggested Shabir they should play
10. The teacher said, “Maintain silence, students.”
Ans. The teacher advised the students to maintain silence.

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