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The Tempest-I-Class-9th-Lesson 6-Tulip-Series

The Tempest-I-Class-9th-Lesson 6-Tulip-Series

The Tempest – I | Prose 6| English | Tulip Series | Class 9th |

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Lesson 6 – The Tempest – I (William Shakespeare)

The Tempest-I-Class-9th-Lesson 6-Tulip-Series-William Shakespeare
William Shakespeare (1564 –1616) was an English poet and playwright, widely regarded as the greatest writer in the English language and the world’s most popular dramatist. He is often called England’s national poet and the “Bard of Avon” (or simply “The Bard”). His surviving works consist of 38 plays, 154 sonnets, two long narrative poems, and several other poems. His plays have been translated into every major living language, and are performed more often than those of any other playwright. Shakespeare was born and raised in Stratford-upon-Avon. Shakespeare produced most of his known work between 1590 and 1613. Ben Jonson said of Shakespeare that he is not of an age but of all the time.

Thinking about the Text

Q1. Who was Ariel, and how did he come to be Prospero’s servant?

Ans. Ariel was a spirit. Before Prospero’s arrival, he was imprisoned by a witch, named Sycorax in the heart of a pine tree and died without releasing him. Prospero released him and in this way, he became his faithful servant.

Q2. Who was Caliban? What did he look like?

Ans. Caliban was the son of a witch named Sycorax. He hardly looked human; he looked more like a fish than a man. He was the servant of Prospero.

Q3. What did Miranda ask Prospero to do when she saw the ship caught in the tempest?

Ans. When Miranda saw the ship caught in the tempest, she asked Prospero to put to an end to the tempest, so that to save the ship and the sailors sailing in it.

Q4. What did Prospero say he raised the tempest for?

Ans. Prospero told his daughter that he had raised the storm for her sake; because she was not aware of the sailors and herself.

Q5. Why did Prospero leave the management of state affairs to Antonio?

Ans. Prospero left the management of state affairs in the hands of his brother so that to devote all his time to secret studies because knowledge was his chief aim in life.

Q6. Who helped Antonio to seize the throne?

Ans. Antonio bribed the ministers and with the help of the King of Naples seized the throne of Prospero and ordered his soldiers to kill Prospero and his daughter.

Q7. What did Antonio’s soldiers do?

Ans. Antonio’s soldiers were somewhat loyal to him. They did not dare to kill him openly, so they took him out of his palace with his daughter crying in his arms in the dark and put them into an old and damaged ship that could hardly float and left them to perish at sea.

Q8. How did old Gonzalo help Prospero?

Ans. Old Gonzalo was very loyal to Prospero at heart and was not in favor of Antonio’s plot. He secretly stored the ship with fresh water, food and clothes, and his precious books, which valued more than his dukedom.

Q9. Who were in the ship that was caught in the tempest?

Ans. The king, Antonio, his son Ferdinand and the soldiers were in the ship that was caught in the tempest.

Q10. What did Ariel remind Prospero of, when Prospero mentioned more work?

Ans. When Prospero mentioned more work to Ariel, he reminded him of the promise of giving him the freedom.


Language work

Recycling can be defined as the collection and separation of materials from the waste products and their subsequent reuse or processing to produce a marketable product. In other words, it’s the use of materials over and over again. Waste from homes and factories contains valuable things that can be recycled as plastic, paper, metal, biogas, and manure. Biogas is used as fuel for cooking. Paper and cardboard are made of pulpwood. For every ton of waste paper collected and recycled, two trees are saved. Recycling also saves energy and raw materials. Aluminum uses a lot of energy. Every time you throw away an Aluminum cane, it’s like throwing away the same amount of energy as in half a cane of patrol. Recycling glass means fewer sandpits and limestone quarries are needed. As raw materials are becoming scarce and expensive and as air land and water pollution, is posing threat to humankind; it becomes increasingly necessary to recycle. Recycling plastic bottles save 60% of the energy needed to make new bottles. 70% of energy can be saved in making new steel from scrap. Recycling of one ton of Aluminum reduces the emission of Aluminum fluoride into the air by 35 kg.

Complete the following

Using the materials repeatedly in different forms is called …………

Trees are saved by recycling …………...

Recycling also saves…………….

The presence of any undesirable or contaminated substance in the environment is called…………….

Half a can of petrol can be saved by reusing …………...


Using the materials repeatedly in different forms are called recycling.

Trees are saved by recycling waste paper.

Recycling also saves energy and raw materials.

The presence of any undesirable or contaminated substance in the environment is called a pollutant.

Half a can of petrol can be saved by reusing aluminum.

Write the synonyms of the following and make sentences of your own.

scarce, expensive, save, pose, produce


Scarce:         rare

Expensive: Luxurious

Save:         redeem

Pose:         act, cause, disguise

Produce:         yield

Use the following phrases and idioms in sentences of your own

for one’s sake: One should not put his life in danger for one’s sake.

in favor of: The King is in favor of high heels.

in the midst of: They were, in the midst of losing streak.

keep one’s head: Even in the crucial times, one should keep his head, so that to get rid of the stress.

on one’s head: You are driving very fast, drive but on your, own head.

remind of: Let me remind you of your promise of setting me free.

Find from the lesson words which mean the following:

(Section I)

without companions, a long way from men and life: Lonely

nothing more than; only: Except

cause to rise or appear; bring about: Raise

set free: Release

try hard against difficulties; fight: Struggle

(a phrase meaning) in the middle part of: Heart

(Section II)

be destroyed; lose a life: Perish

the thing that one owns: Possession

during that time: Ago

be bold or brave enough (to do something): Dare

spoiled or broken; so, made less useful: Damaged

(Section III)

cause to remember; bring to the mind: Remind

that is to say: Namely

the same as: Both, Equal

Make nouns of the following adjectives and verbs

Loyal: Loyalty

Favor: Favour

Perform: Performance

Struggle: Struggle

Magical: Magic, Magician

Plot: Plot

Writing Work

Write briefly how Antonio tried to get rid of Prospero and how Prospero escaped death.

      Antonio and Prospero are the two imaginative characters of the last play “The Tempest”, written by William Shakespeare. In this play, Prospero is the Duke of Milan, but he hardly bothers about his wealth. His chief aim is to get the knowledge of secrets.

One day he left the management to his brother Antonio so that to devote all his time to secret studies. Antonio had the greed of wealth and power. He wanted to get rid of his brother and take all his wealth and power. So, he bribed all the ministers and plotted against his brother. The King of Naples also helped him in this plot. He ordered the soldiers to kill his brother. The soldiers took his brother out of his palace but did not dare to kill him openly. They, rather put him and his daughter in a damaged ship and left them to perish at sea. Fortunately, he had a loyal friend named Gonzalo. He secretly stored the ship with fresh water, food, and clothes. He also kept his precious books on the ship. Driven by favorable winds, the ship floated to the lonely Island and save the life of both father and daughter.


Enact the play. Different students will play different characters.

Students Assignment. Do it yourself.

Suggested Reading

Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare.

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