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The Tempest-II-Class 9th-English-Lesson 6-Tulip Series

The Tempest-II-Class 9th-English-Lesson 6-Tulip Series

The Tempest – II | Prose 6| English | Tulip Series | Class 9th |

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Lesson 6 – The Tempest – II (William Shakespeare)


Thinking about the text

Q1. What did Miranda at first think Ferdinand was and why? Was Ferdinand and Miranda’s love at first sight?

Ans. At first, Miranda thought that Ferdinand was a spirit because she hadn’t seen a human being other than her father and his servant Caliban. Yes, the love between Ferdinand and Miranda was, the love at first sight.

Q2. Why did Prospero pretend to think that Ferdinand was a spy?

Ans. Prospero was happy to find that the two young people had fallen in love with each other at first sight. But to test Ferdinand’s love, Prospero pretended to think that the young man was a spy.

Q3. What was the task that Prospero gave Ferdinand?

Ans. Prospero gave Ferdinand the task of piling up heavy logs.

Q4. What made Ferdinand’s labour seem light?

Ans. Miranda’s presence made his labour seem light. Ferdinand loved her and her presence during the work was very important for him.

Q5. What were the King and his party doing in the meantime?

Ans. In the meantime the king and his party were wandering about on the island, searching for food and drink. Ariel put inviting food before them, but when they tried to eat it, it disappeared suddenly.

Q6. Why were they amazed to see Prospero?

Ans. Antonio and his party were unaware of the survival of Prospero, so when they saw him, they felt amazed and could hardly believe their eyes.

Q7. Prospero told the King that he had lost his daughter in the tempest and, in a sense he was right. Can you say in what sense?

Ans. Prospero lost his daughter too in the tempest. In a sense, he was speaking the truth because he had lost his daughter to Ferdinand.

Q8. Why did Prospero give up his magic powers?

Ans. Prospero gave up his magic wand and buries his books of magic because he had no further use for them. He set Ariel free as he had promised.

Q9. What was Ariel’s last service to his master?

Ans. When Prospero, his brother and, his party left the island and sailed to Naples, Ariel helped them with favourable winds; that was his last service to his master.

Language Work

Find from the lesson words or phrases which mean the following.

(Section I)

1. (a phrase meaning) to; for the purpose: in order to

2. a person who tries to get secret information about an enemy country: spy

3. examine two things side by side; see how they are different or like each other: compare

(Section II)

1. (a phrase meaning) meanwhile: in the meantime

2. any more; to a greater distance: further

3. a hard test: trial

4. (an adjective meaning) having done wrong; having done a crime or a sin: guilty

5. bad; wicked; sinful: evil

6. an action (of any kind); a thing that is done: deed

7. an action such as murder or stealing; a very bad action: crime

8. be sorry for something one has done: repent

(Section III)

1. destruction of a ship by storm, etc: wreck

2. visible: seen, alive

Give the antonyms of:

Good fortune: Misfortune

Far: Near

Innocent: Guilty, Sinful

Evil: Good

Loss: Profit

Coward: Bold, Valiant

Perish: Survive, Live

Remember: Forget

Loyal: Disloyal

Give the noun forms of the following and use them in your, own sentences

Lose: loser

Example: It is not difficult for a loser to win the game easily.

Guilty: guilt

Example: They will be forgiven if and only if they repent on their guilt.

Reconcile: reconciliation


Try: try

Example: He was granted another try at the field goal.

Amaze: amazement

Example: As the magician performed his tricks, the crowd watched in amazement.

Give: Give

Example: It is the bracts that give the tree its common names of the dove tree, ghost tree, and handkerchief tree.

Imagine: Imagination

Example: All novel characters are based on the author's imagination.

Pretend: Pretense

Example: His anger is masked by a pretense that all is well.

Repent: repentance

Example: Repentance is the first step on the path of redemption.

Treat: treat

Example: The officer rewarded him with a special treat on his outstanding presentation.

Use the following phrases in your, own sentences

At first sight: The love between Miranda and Ferdinand was the love at first sight.

In the meantime: As the virus has spread across the world causing many deaths, in the meantime doctors are busy-in making the vaccine.

In order to: In order to test my love, she asked me to jump into the river.

In possession of: I consider myself a perfect man of 45 in possession of all mental faculties.

In-store: For years I sweated over her decisions but didn’t know what was in store for me.

To be shipwrecked: The pirates on the seashore are waiting for the sailors to be shipwrecked so that they could rob them.

Hang upon: He appeared to hang upon his words.

Writing work

How did Prospero test Ferdinand’s love? How did Ferdinand stand the test?

      Prospero and Ferdinand play an important role in Shakespeare's last play “The Tempest”. The play has many more imaginary characters, such as Miranda, Gonzalo, Antonio, Caliban, etc. Antonio, Ferdinand, and his party are stuck in the tempest raised by Ariel. Ferdinand, the successor of Antonio, escapes the storm and reaches the shore safely. Soon he reaches the place where his uncle, Prospero, and Miranda live. On seeing Ferdinand, Miranda thinks that he is a spirit. On the other hand, when Ferdinand sees Miranda, he thinks, her as a goddess. Both of them fell in love at first sight. Prospero seems to be happy with their love but he pretends Ferdinand as a spy so that to test his love towards his daughter. To test his love, he sets him the task of piling heavy logs. As Ferdinand was busy in his work, Miranda came to help him thinking that her father has gone to studies for a few hours. Standing a distance away, Prospero was watching his daughter’s sympathy for Ferdinand. Miranda tried to give Ferdinand a helping hand but he refused to show how much he loves her better than anyone else. When the Prospero saw the deep love between the two, he decided not to try Ferdinand further and released him from his task.


Enact the play

Express your feelings about the play after reading it with your group mates.

Suggested Reading

Tales from Shakespeare by Charles and Mary Lamb

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