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The Last Leaf | Questions, and Answers

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The Last Leaf | Story 4 | Questions, and Answers |

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Story 4 – The Last Leaf | Tulip Series | Questions, and Answers |
(O’ Henry)

O' Henry - The Last Leaf Henry pseudonym of William Sydney Porter (1862-1910), American writer of short stories, best known for his ironic plot twists and surprise endings. Born and raised in Greensboro, North Carolina, O’ Henry attended school only until age fifteen when he dropped out to work in his uncle’s drugstore. During his twenties, he moved to Texas, where he worked for more than ten years as a clerk and a bank teller. O’ Henry did not write professionally until he reached his mid-thirties when he sold several pieces to the Detroit Free Press and the Houston Daily Post. In 1894 he founded a short-lived weekly humor magazine, The Rolling Stone. He has written more than 500 short stories. His style of story-telling not just inspired fiction writers but also broadcasters of television programs and filmmakers of motion pictures.

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Thinking About the Text

Q1. What was the cause of Johnsy’s illness? How could the illness be treated?
Ans. Pneumonia was the cause of Johnsy’s illness and this illness prolonged because she had given up the hope of getting well. She had depression, so she would lie on her bed without moving, just gazing out of the window. The doctor told her friend that medicines would not work unless she had the hope of getting well. Illness could only be treated by diverting her attention towards life, eating well, and taking medicines.

Q2. Do you think the feeling of depression Johnsy has is common among teenagers?
Ans. Most of the teenagers who are shy and could not express their feelings have a feeling of depression. Teenagers of today's generation are active. They express their feelings without any hesitation but some rare cases may exclude girl teenagers.
Q3. What was Behrman’s dream? Did it come true?
Ans. Behrman’s lifelong dream was to paint a masterpiece. Yes, his lifelong dream came true when he painted the last leaf of ivy creeper at the night. This painting of the last leaf was his masterpiece and after this painting, he died because of pneumonia.
Q4. How is ‘The Last Leaf’ the artist’s masterpiece? What makes you say so?
Ans. “The Last Leaf’ is the artist’s masterpiece because it looked real on the ivy creeper and it also helped Johnsy to overcome her depression.

Language Work

Explain the meaning of the following idiomatic expressions and frame sentences of your own.
Make up one’s mind, Out of work, By leaps and bounds, Pour out worries, Shed leaves, Look after, Take after, Tiptoe into, Draw the curtain, Raise the curtain
Make up one’s mind: to decide
Example: You will have to make your mind whether to live or die of this depression.
Out of work: unemployed
Example: Hundreds of postgraduates are out of work in Kashmir.
By leaps and bounds: rapidly, quickly in progress
Example: My company has been growing by leaps and bounds over the past few years.
Pour out worries: to express emotions or worries
Example: She poured out her worries to him.
Shed leaves: to lose or fall
Example: Trees shed their leaves in the autumn season.
Look after: to care for someone or something
Example: I asked my sister to look after my cat while I was on vacation.
Take after: to resemble one, as in behavior, appearance, attitude, etc.
Example: My son takes after me in hair and skin, but his eyes resemble his mother.
Tiptoe into: to walk on your toes with heels raised, or to walk quietly on toes
Example: The mother tiptoed into the room where the baby was sleeping.
Draw the curtain: to open the curtain
Example: Please draw the curtain so that we can get more light in the room.
Raise the curtain: to lift or to begin or commence
Example: It is time to raise the curtain from this new project.

Writing Work

Q1. Can you recall the saddest moment of your life? Write the account in 300 words.
Ans. I have enjoyed my life a lot on my own but the days of pleasure and happiness were less than the days of sorrow. I have seen many ups and downs in my life. In my life, I came across many obstacles, thanks to Almighty Allah for giving me the strength to overcome these obstacles. One of my saddest moments was when my elder sister died in a hospital. She was suffering from Impending Hepatic Coma and was in a coma for seven days. We did a lot to make her recover from this illness but alas! We failed. I was very much fond of her. She was sympathetic, kind, loving, and helpful. I always told her that I would not let you die. That day I lost the person to whom I was sharing my feelings. Everyone knows what we feel when we lose the one who is very close to us, whom we love.
Mother, whom we love the most, is dear to all the children. Who forgets the love, care, and the moments when she used to call her children with her loving voice? This was the second-most, saddest day of my life when she left for the heavenly abode. (May Almighty Allah bless her with the best place in Heaven). She was very dear to me. From the day I lost her, I feel that I have lost everything. It becomes very difficult to recall the saddest moments of life because these moments remind us of the days we were sad. So, it is better not to recall them again.
Q2. Have you ever felt depressed and rejected? How did you overcome such feelings? Sum up your experience in 300 words.
Ans. Depression is not only common among young but almost all people living in this world. Whether old or young, even small kids are nowadays suffering from this depression. Depression is not of one kind. Depression may be of various kinds. I remember the days when I was struggling for my job along with my friend. During those day’s I went with a written application to the concerned tehsildar of the district. After waiting in a long queue, I entered his office room and told my cause of coming to the office. Within no time in a rag, he twisted the application paper in his fist and threw it away. My heart got heavy with this rejection and dishonour. With a heavy heart, I went slowly and picked up the paper and went out of the room. For five days, I wept silently without saying anyone about the matter. I was too depressed to offer my prayers perfectly, due to the turmoil of the scene. But never gave up the struggle. I continued struggling for the job.
I diverted my whole attention to the job to overcome this depression. I got the job. So, for as the depression, had made its way to my life, I went through a lot of depressions even after the job. I was not satisfied with the salary for the job. Many times, I thought of giving up the job. But what Almighty has to do, we are not aware. He (Almighty) has always His mercy on His worshiper. We are unaware of where and when He blesses us. May Almighty Allah bless us all with His mercy and free us from all the miseries and depressions. Aameen!


Arrange a group discussion on ‘Depression Among Teenagers’. How faith can help overcome it?
Ans. Assignment for students. Do it yourself.

Suggested Reading

The Gift of the Magi by O’ Henry
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Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul on Tough Stuff Compiled and edited by Jack Canfield,

Mark Victor Hansen, Kimberly Kirberger

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